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Expository – Health

August 24, 2011

-A laudable 6% of the total government expenditure is spent on health.

-Stroke is Singapore’s 3th leading cause of death and among the top 10 causes of hospitalisation.

-Hospice care for acute stroke: US$5000 (in Singapore)

-The list of subsidised medicine is reviewed every year by a panel of medical experts.

-MOH subsidises about 1000 drugs dispensed at public hospitals and polyclinics.

-Over the last two years (2009 and 2010) KK (Kandang Kerbau) Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) Women’s Pain Clinic has observed a rise of at least 30% to 40% in patients seeking treatment from chronic pain.

-plagued by body aches for a decade-pain sufferers need not suffer in silence

-more women suffered from aches and pains due to sedentary lifestyles caused by clock-bound jobs

-increased awareness-exercise is one avenue of prevention

-38% of the planet’s ice-free land is now devoted to agriculture

-The runoff from fertilised fields is trigerring life-throttling blooms of algae at river mouths all over the world.


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